Thank you

I was travelling at night from Sharm in new road. No light nor signs. Suddenly I trapped in sand in desert . 4G out of network. cellular is bad and even i can not hear from the other side. I txt Masr Assistance. In 5 minute I was on the right track to my home at Madinety .

Professional staff

I had to park at rest for a coffee. Coffee was amazing but shit!! Key did not start up the car. I asked a nearby mechanic nearby but he about to damage the car. I called Masr staff who collected some data . In 2 hours , technician came added magnatic piece in the key and started it up .

Not just towing app

I feel dizzy and could not drive anymore. 2 cups of tea did not help. It was a great dilemma . If I called the ambulance , I will have to leave my car on the road. It looked as time to sacrifice. Me or my car. I called Masr who sent me a drive . He drove me home .

No fraud

I had bad accident my car was blocked. My friend called a truck who agreed for 3000 EGP . Driver stayed 2 hours to tie the car as car was damaged from below. He asked for extra 2000 EGP for that I refused. He took 1500 and left me. I called Masr . It costed me only l.e900!