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Roadside assistance
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Our Services

We provide wide variations of assistance services, these makes us stand apart.

Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance
and Towing

We provide car towing , fuel refill , tyre replacement , car battery charge , drive you to the nearest city , car localisation and address direction ,...

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and medical assistance

We provide ambulance call , transfer to hospitals , hotel and home visit , booking doctor appointment , follow hospital case ,cost containment medical bill,...

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and tourist assistance

We provide air ambulance ,medical escort , Fit for fly letter , PCR , prior travel vaccinations , Visa extension , 2nd passport , offshore company , ...

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Our Features

our services run smart on business track :

Fast growing network

We have the fastest growing network worldwide


Sustained growth reflect stability in business structure and efficacy of outcome


Best performance every year in acquisition of shares , clients and capital with best wealth management


Our network structure guarantee deliver our services to our client in smooth channels and access to our network.

Saving Strategy

We save consuming time for rendered services as a part of our general saving strategy to businerss resources.


Our services available 24/7 with multiple languages and multiple channels

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Thank you

I was travelling at night from Sharm in new road. No light nor signs. Suddenly I trapped in sand in desert . 4G out of network. cellular is bad and even i can not hear from the other side. I txt Masr Assistance. In 5 minute I was on the right track to my home at Madinety .

Your friend on the road

It was first time that i forget to check my fuel before travel . I was on my way to Marsa Alam. After hotel Akassia , Fuel flagged red. I tried to reach the nearest station but road looked endless desert. Weather is too hot. I had to whatsapp Masr and we got what we need.

Professional staff

I had to park at rest for a coffee. Coffee was amazing but shit!! Key did not start up the car. I asked a nearby mechanic nearby but he about to damage the car. I called Masr staff who collected some data . In 2 hours , technician came added magnatic piece in the key and started it up .

Not just towing app

I feel dizzy and could not drive anymore. 2 cups of tea did not help. It was a great dilemma . If I called the ambulance , I will have to leave my car on the road. It looked as time to sacrifice. Me or my car. I called Masr who sent me a drive . He drove me home .

Exceptional Service

We had to use Masr Assistance, the service was fantastic and amazing, , the staff were very helpful and ready to help, I have many reasons to buy this card and I can recommend to any person to do, thank you for the exceptional service that exceeded our expectations

No fraud

I had bad accident my car was blocked. My friend called a truck who agreed for 3000 EGP . Driver stayed 2 hours to tie the car as car was damaged from below. He asked for extra 2000 EGP for that I refused. He took 1500 and left me. I called Masr . It costed me only l.e900!